Loretta Lynn…  A Coalminer’s Daughter…

I can remember watching this as a child with my dad.  It is basically a story about her life and struggle to become what she is most famous for:  A coalminer’s daughter…

Honestly, I am not a fan of her taste in music but I loved the movie because of one key lesson:  Determination is everything!

This morning I sat thinking of the coalminer’s daughter – I think about how no matter what outside forces pressed against her – she pushed back – until she was victorious.  There were times when she should have given up…  The people around her said she was crazy for continuing to fight but she knew something they did not – she knew the dream and could see the end of the story.

She fought…
Against the masses telling her she wasn’t going to make it… Against those closest to her who thought she’d never amount to anything… Even against herself, stuck between knowing where she was from and where she was going.
But she continued to fight…

This morning God said, “Did you know that you are a coalminer’s daughter?”

No Lord, I’m the daughter of a carpenter and an electrician…

“Quit looking at it physically…  You are a Coal Miner’s daughter!”

He began to show me how He is that Coal Miner – Yes, He is all dirty with soot and grime.  He is a little grungy from working in the mine all day – but He knows just how much a piece of dirty, grimy coal is worth – He sees its potential.


A coal on the surface seems pretty miniscule but with pressure, a change begins to occur.  This is no ordinary pressure.  It is so great that it is just shy of utter destruction.   Do you ever feel like that?  Like you are just going to explode under the weight of the world?  Yeah… me too!

As the pressure builds, the coal must hold on for dear life.  In trying to stay intact, it must choose what is important and what can be done away with.  The coal begins to pull the purest elements inward while simultaneously letting go of the black grime it knows so dear.

When the dust settles and the smoke clears what is left is not a coal at all but a stunning diamond – shiny, beautiful and valuable…   What we tend to forget is that the coal itself is just as valuable as the diamond – We see the finished product as costly but the miner knows the coal is just as treasured.

So today I want to encourage you: You are a CoalMiner’s daughter or son…  The pressure is not meant to destroy you but it is meant to change you into your fullest potential.

I think back on Mrs. Loretta Lynn – had she not been a coalminer’s daughter, she would have never understood that determination and patience are key in unlocking potential.   Determine that you will overcome the obstacle in your way.  Determine that you will stand against the pressure that is trying to defeat you.  Be patient in knowing that your Daddy knows what’s best, even when it hurts…

Push back against the tension, embrace the seclusion of the press and let go of the dirt that you have been holding on to.  Begin to allow Him to transform you under the weight into what you were meant to be…  Allow Him to change your coal into a diamond!

Diamond and piece of coal





It amazes me how God can use the littlest things in my life to speak the greatest messages. 

I was driving to work this morning, minding my own business when I saw the strangest thing – a penny.  Now in and of itself, a penny is pretty much worthless.  Can you think of the last time you bought something for a penny?  Yeah, me neither.

In fact, I think it costs more to make a penny than it does to spend a penny, which is why the Treasury in its infinite wisdom has stopped making true copper pennies.  Why don’t they just eliminate pennies altogether?

So back to the drawing board, why did God pull my attention towards this small, insignificant penny?  What on earth could He possibly teach me from this single image?

In a world where we “Bring it on” “like a Boss” while we are “popping bottles in the club” screaming “YOLO” because we are trying to “keep up with the Kardashians, God began to ask me, “Are you dropping pennies?”


Have you ever seen a child find a “lucky penny” on the ground?  It’s amazing how that one, miniscule penny can have the power to change that child’s life for the moment.  Tears turn to smiles and laughter and the child will carry it in their pocket all day, reaching in every once in a while to make sure it is still there – to be reminded that they were chosen to carry such a token.

Even as adults, we feel special when we see a shiny coin on the sidewalk.  Some of us smile as we are picking it up and others acknowledge its insignificance, leaving it for another captor to find.  In either case despite its poor appearance, we all feel somewhat distinguished from the masses as it seems we were hand-picked for the moment.

Have you ever thought maybe pennies were dropped on purpose?   Maybe the owner of the penny was paying his newfound “luck” forward by dropping a penny at the grocery store for another unsuspecting individual to pick up?  Maybe the wind blew a penny where it would cross your path and you would know how special you were?  Just maybe…there is a purpose for pennies.

So back to the original question God asked me –

“Are you dropping pennies?”


In this day and age, we have forgotten how to drop pennies.  We have forgotten how to bless our neighbor by dropping a single coin in their path.  We have forgotten that sometimes a child needs a dropped penny to smile and laugh again.  Maybe we forget because we are too busy to see the path ahead of us- too busy scouring Facebook or Twitter to find the latest trend, too busy texting friends, too busy trying to get ahead of our coworkers for the promotion, too busy playing church on Sunday but living like a demon on Monday… too busy.   We forget about the pennies that were laid out before us when we were younger.  We forget about how those who came before us knew that dropping pennies was as important as breathing.  After all without dropped pennies, breathing just becomes existence and existence isn’t life.


Am I saying that we should liter the earth with millions of pennies?  Of course not!  In fact, I’m really not talking about money at all.   I’m talking about dropping blessings on others – small, miniscule blessings.  If you smile at someone, you dropped a penny.  If you helped an elderly lady put her groceries in her car, you dropped a penny.   If you allowed someone ahead of you in line, you dropped a penny.   If you told your child “I love you,” you dropped a penny.

Do you see where I am going?

A hug, a smile, a sincere “how are you?”- these things don’t cost us anything but maybe a little bit of our time.  To those who receive the dropped pennies, it usually means the world to them.    If you have ever had a bad day, you know what I’m talking about.  One smile or sincere “I’m sorry” can make a day better that has already gone to hell and back.

I want to challenge you to drop pennies everywhere you go. 
Drop pennies of hope. 
Drop pennies of joy. 
Drop pennies of love. 
Drop pennies of forgiveness. 
Maybe one day, we’ll see that dropping pennies CAN change the world!



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When Your life is on the ground,
And no one seems to be around,
Is Jesus enough?

When all hope is amiss,
And you cannot find light in the darkness,
Is Jesus enough?

Is He enough when the bills are overdue?
Is He enough….when it’s just you?
Is He enough?

When the storms of life flood in,
And you are drowning in your own sin,
Is He enough?

The question isn’t “is” but rather “can”.
Can you trust the Son of Man?
Can you in the darkness rely on His sight?
Can you in your weakness depend on His might?

Can the King of kings hold you in the stillness?
Can He comfort you in the quietness?
Can He shield you from the dark of night?
Can He take over your battles, your fight?

Can He be enough in your life?
With all the struggle and all the strife?
The Commander of the heavens is asking you…
“Can I be enough?”

What more must He do to prove His love?
How much further must He walk before you don’t give up?
Isn’t it enough that He bled and died for your sins?
Isn’t it enough that He rescued you from the devil’s den?

He said His grace SHOULD be enough.
That His power is made perfect in our ruts.
Why then can we not be content in Him?
Why then can we not abstain from the stronghold of sin?

The answer is simply this….
We do not want to run the risk
of trusting in someone when so many have let us down.
But remember, you were once lost but by Him, you ARE found.

You have made Him your Redeemer-
But can He be your Sustainer?
You have made Him your Savior-
But can He be your Provider?

He is enough…He can be enough but ultimately
He is MORE than enough
He is more than enough to conquer your sins.
For His grace and mercy, they known no end.

He is more than enough to keep us in perfect peace,
Remember, He alone holds the keys.
to life and death, hell and the grave.
Never forget, He is more than willing to save!

So the next time you stand at the crossroads in life
And there are no answers to your questions of why-
Stop, look up and hear your Savior’s calling-
“I am more than enough to keep you from falling!”

-S.E. Works-