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When Your life is on the ground,
And no one seems to be around,
Is Jesus enough?

When all hope is amiss,
And you cannot find light in the darkness,
Is Jesus enough?

Is He enough when the bills are overdue?
Is He enough….when it’s just you?
Is He enough?

When the storms of life flood in,
And you are drowning in your own sin,
Is He enough?

The question isn’t “is” but rather “can”.
Can you trust the Son of Man?
Can you in the darkness rely on His sight?
Can you in your weakness depend on His might?

Can the King of kings hold you in the stillness?
Can He comfort you in the quietness?
Can He shield you from the dark of night?
Can He take over your battles, your fight?

Can He be enough in your life?
With all the struggle and all the strife?
The Commander of the heavens is asking you…
“Can I be enough?”

What more must He do to prove His love?
How much further must He walk before you don’t give up?
Isn’t it enough that He bled and died for your sins?
Isn’t it enough that He rescued you from the devil’s den?

He said His grace SHOULD be enough.
That His power is made perfect in our ruts.
Why then can we not be content in Him?
Why then can we not abstain from the stronghold of sin?

The answer is simply this….
We do not want to run the risk
of trusting in someone when so many have let us down.
But remember, you were once lost but by Him, you ARE found.

You have made Him your Redeemer-
But can He be your Sustainer?
You have made Him your Savior-
But can He be your Provider?

He is enough…He can be enough but ultimately
He is MORE than enough
He is more than enough to conquer your sins.
For His grace and mercy, they known no end.

He is more than enough to keep us in perfect peace,
Remember, He alone holds the keys.
to life and death, hell and the grave.
Never forget, He is more than willing to save!

So the next time you stand at the crossroads in life
And there are no answers to your questions of why-
Stop, look up and hear your Savior’s calling-
“I am more than enough to keep you from falling!”

-S.E. Works-



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