Moved by God’s Hand

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Uncategorized
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God simply amazes me.  He is faithful when I am not.  He is loving, when I am lacking.  He is graceful when I am greedy.  He just is simply amazing.

Often times I struggle with the concept of… “GOD” as a whole.  It seems as though He is way too big for little ol’ me and at the same time, my problems seem way too big for Him.  Obviously this is not the case but often times I find myself in predicaments that I can’t seem to steer out of.   The majority of these situations are my fault and yet He still offers guidance, love, mercy and grace over my life.  It’s just amazing.

I have a 21 month old son.  For the last month and a half now, he has been going through the “terrible two” stage and I’m telling you, he has tried my patience in every which way possible.  I’ll be so glad when this stage is over but I do understand the fundamental concepts he is learning during this stage of rebellion.

I understand the fact that he is coming into his own and wants things his way… RIGHT NOW.  I understand that he knows no patience and essentially has naked expressions 90% of the time he is awake.  His emotions are raw and uncontrollable and at this stage, he is learning what is acceptable.  Unfortunately, I am the emotion police and he tries to test the boundaries of his own little “prison” every day.

(Can you see yet where I am going with this?)

Since this stage erupted in our lives, I have fought with him…and fought with him… and fought… Sheesh… It almost seems like a never-ending battle.  One minute he is happy-go-lucky and the next, life as we know it is over.  Every morning, it takes at least 30 minutes for me to change him and start getting him ready for school.   Yes, feel pity for me!  HA!

This morning we began our usual round of us telling each other “NO” and I started getting his breakfast-to-go ready.  (He eats at daycare so he won’t cry when I leave.)  I ran out of his usual breakfast bars so I put a honey bun in his sack and started out the door.  Being as stubborn as a mule, he wouldn’t come with me.  He just stood in the living room and looked at me with those little defiant eyes.

I must interject here that for the past few weeks, this is nothing new but normally I can just say, “BYE,” shut the door, wait a few seconds, open it up and he cheerfully comes running out.  He doesn’t want to be alone but he doesn’t want to go where I am going.  Sound familiar?   Aren’t we like that with God sometimes?  This morning I did my usual routine but it didn’t work.  He just continued to stand there.  If I don’t leave at this point, I’m going to be late for work so I was just going to man-handle him but I remembered what I had in my sack – a honey bun.  I got it out and showed it to him.  He gave me the biggest smile and came running my way, crazily excited about a honey bun.

He was more interested in what I had in my hand than where we were going.


And then He began to speak to me….

Funny how that happens.  Life is in full force and God decides to teach me another lesson.  As my son was crying in the car because he couldn’t have his honey bun right then but had to wait until he got to daycare (yes I know, BAD MOMMA!), God began to tell me that His children, me in particular, are sometimes like Gabriel.  As I showed Gabe the sweet treat, he was soo happy and excited to do my will but as soon as I put it back in the sack as we began to leave the house, he abruptly began to cry and whine about not getting it.   In fact, God asked me:

“Why is it that I have to entice my children with good things in order for them to do My will?”

Wow God, I haven’t really put it in perspective before.  My son is so ornery sometimes.  It’s hard to get him to bend to what I want him to do, even when it is something he LIKES to do.   God, are we really like that?  God, I’m so sorry!

As I was racing to work trying to make it on time, I was greeted in the lobby by lots of parents with their own children waiting to be escorted back to their classrooms.  (Part of my job in the morning is calling up the teachers to get the kids.)  I was late, so no one was called.  In the hustle and bustle of calling teachers, listening to complaints, answering phone calls and checking e-mails, I heard God once again… “See?  Someone is always waiting on you.  The longer you go against My will, the longer THEY wait.  Their deliverance is waiting on you.”

Wow again God.  You see, disobedience/stubbornness not only directly affects you but also affects those around you, even people you have no contact with.  If someone is waiting on you to get it together, someone else is waiting on them to get it together.  The pipeline of disobedience is endless.

I want to encourage you today.  Don’t make God entice you to do His will.  Grow past the “terrible two” Christian and come into maturity.  Let God be God, not because of what He can do but because of what He already did.  Don’t seek His hands, seek His face!


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