Unexpected thunderstorms

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you know one thing about me… I am simply amazed at God’s love towards me.  I am amazed at how He is so faithful when I am so faithless and cannot comprehend His mercy and grace over my life when I deserve destruction and death.

This week has been a rough week for me.  I’ve been battling with situations that have left me on an emotional rollercoaster and even now, I’m at the breaking point – almost on the verge of having a full-on melt down.  I’ve “kept my own” pretty well and have only broken down a few times.  Why such the emotional overload?  I have no idea.  Not any ONE thing hasn’t happened before, I think it’s just that they all seem to be coming at once.

During the night last night (actually early morning), I was jolted from my much-needed sleep by a very loud clap of thunder followed immediately by a lighting bolt shining in my bedroom.  I stayed half-awake/half-asleep for a while watching, listening for the sounds of my son in the other room.  Would he wake up?  Would this thunderstorm bring destruction?  Would the rain still be drumming down on my window come morning?  This thunderstorm was totally unexpected… Or was it?

In my dazed state, I began to ask all these questions…  Oddly enough, God started to speak to me.

Ancient Watchman

Now, let’s go back several days before last night…. God has been focusing my attention on being a “watchman on the wall” as Ezekiel was to Israel.  You see,  I’ve dealt with sexual abuse in the past and recently found out that a good friend dealt with it as well.  The people who abused us are “normal” and no one would ever expect them to do these horrendous things but nevertheless, they did.  God’s been speaking about being a watchman for my son so he doesn’t fall into the same trap I did so young.  My lackluster enthusiasm on this subject prompted the latest chat between my Daddy and I.

You, son of man, are the watchman. I’ve made you a watchman for Israel. The minute you hear a message from me, warn them.
Ez 33:7 (MSG)

So there I was last night, half asleep laying in the bed conversing with a God who never sleeps or slumbers about the thunderstorm at my doorstep.   I mumbled, “Lord, I didn’t know a thunderstorm was coming.”  He quickly interjected, “Its because you aren’t a watchman…”

Ummm, ok Lord…. ?  Honestly, I was too tired to be taught a lesson but if you know anything about God, He doesn’t care if we are “tired” when He’s trying to tutor His children on certain subjects.  So I began to wake up and listen.

He began to tell me about how not everyone thought this thunderstorm was unexpected.  He explained that meteorologists knew it was coming and the news broadcast had mentioned it earlier that evening.  Had I pulled up my phone weather app, I would have seen the thunderstorm in the distance but I had not been watching.  Why?  Because my focus was not on the skies but on the craziness of life surrounding me.

If you’ll notice in the picture above, the watchman on the wall can see the whole horizon, nothing is hidden from his view except that which is in the shadows.  But if you have ever noticed that in those times, trees and shrubs were cut down around the city so no one could “sneak up” and try to attack them.  The only way a city would be unexpectedly attacked is if the watchman was asleep.

He then asked a very important question… “Can you be a watchman so you can protect people from unexpected storms?”

Yes Sir… I can….

I like to think that God created that massive thunderstorm last night just for me.  He wanted to teach me a lesson on how to be a watchman but I was “asleep.”  I wonder how long He whispered in my ear asking me to wake up before He allowed that clap of thunder right beside my window.  That’s the cool thing about God; He will move heaven and earth just to be able to converse with you.

My mind was out of focus on what the real issues were.  So I want to encourage you.  Is the devil throwing all sorts of obstacles your way?  Is he using others to hurt you and crush your spirit?  There’s only one agenda he has:  to get your focus off of what your job is – to be a watchman.  I’m here to tell you to get your focus back where it needs to be!  Focus on the task at hand!



  1. Your Friend always, Bonnie says:

    Always love your blog… Thank you for teaching me what God has taught you.
    Love you

  2. Lori says:

    I love thunderstorms but not the kind you are talking about. First of all, I am sorry you have dealt with sexual abuse. I do know that hearing about it happening to someone else, especially a loved one, can be a trigger to bring back memories and emotions. (((Shannon)))) I imagine that my sharing that we are dealing with that very thing was hard for you to hear. I am so sorry. We are so smack in the middle of the yuck that comes with sexual abuse that I could throw up. So yes the devil is throwing all kinds of crap at us right now but we are handling it with God’s help. There is no way in hell we could other wise. I am reaching out my arms and hugging you Shannon. XXOO

    • Lori, it’s all good. God has healed me from my past and although I’m still dealing with a few of the scars, I’m totally ok with talking about it with others. My prayers go up on your behalf- that God would have His way in this situation. I’m here if you need to talk!

  3. I’m nominating you for the Liebster Blog Award – your posts are always refreshing to me and help me get through days when I am struggling! To have a look at the rules and to accept if you wish click on my link here http://hopebloomsindarkness.com/2013/05/09/liebster-award/ Have a great day!

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