Tear-Stained Sheets

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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1 in 3 women have dealt with sexual abuse. If not you, someone you know (probably more than one) has had to suffer at the hands of a predator. We MUST, as men and women of God continuously cover our children and those who we love with the blood of Jesus. I pray every day for God to allow me to truly “see” who are around my son. Discernment is needed now more than ever! If you know someone who is suffering from abuse or has suffered from abuse, help them to see that they are not alone.

Stop the silence – Shatter the chains of sexual abuse.


Tear-Stained Sheets

God I come to You wrapped in tear-stained sheets,
No cover for my head, no shoes on my feet.
Shivering in the cold, broken by the wind,
I have to ask You Lord, “Will this ever end?”

These sheets used to be white and soft to the touch,
but now they are just a reminder that life is too much,
Every night I lay in paralyzing fear,
Knowing that he will once again be near

As he sneaks into my room and pulls back the sheets,
I will close my eyes tightly, praying to a God who is supposed to see,
“Lord, take me away, let me leave this earth”
as he begins to obliterate all of my self-worth.

The seconds turn into minutes, minutes to hours,
I keep praying Lord but these sheets have already been soured.
He gets up, turns back and puts a finger over his mouth,
Remember these are his rules, remember this is his house.

I wrap myself up in these defiled linens,
praying that was all for tonight, praying he was finished.
I try to wipe the blood from between my thighs
While trying to control my breathing and muffle my cries.

So I ask You Lord, wrapped in tear-stained sheets,
When will this end? When will my life be complete?

My Dearest Darling, first off, I love you so much,
No one can take that away from you, not even his touch.
Baby girl, listen as it is in this place where we meet,
I need you to let go of that tear-stained sheet.

For it contains the residue of his seed,
it keeps you in bondage, controlled by his every need.
That cloth can never be used ever again,
for in it lies a very wicked hand.

I have given you a mouth. Speak up and speak loud.
Lift your voice and uncover his darkening shroud.
I will send legions of angels to be by your side,
Find someone you trust and in them, confide.

Man’s secrecy is the devil’s opportune playground
Its where he packs the punch without even making a sound,
I have placed people in your life to show you the way out
They can reveal what My love is really all about.

Look at me, dear daughter, if you only knew
For when his hands were on you, they were on Me too.
I haven’t left you, I’m right there with you day and night,
trying to come between you and the sheet you clutch so tight.

Let go and let Me begin to heal your brokenness,
Let Me give you peace, let Me give you rest.
Let Me undo everything that has been done
Life is not over, darling, it has just begun.

-S. Works-


Disclaimer: I attended a broadcast on blog talk radio by way of ‘Pink Heels the Soul.’ Hostess Christie Williams began to speak about ‘tear-stained sheets’ which hit hard with me. In turn, God spoke these words to me…

  1. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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