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It’s funny how God will show up and show out in the craziest places.  I was actually on Facebook and read an amazing statement.  A lady was having problems with some folks and a guy defended her saying, “Ctrl/Alt/Delete.  Some people just need to be reset.”

Wow… Isn’t that the truth?  I can name at least a dozen people I know that needs to be reset… or set back to their original state.   Off the top of my head, I can think of at least a handful of situations that need the same remedy – Ctrl/Alt/Delete – reset to their original state.   Of course, my relationship with my husband could definitely use a Ctrl/Alt/Delete but honestly, would I still have married him if I had to do it all over again?  I love my son and wouldn’t trade him for the world but maybe his daddy wasn’t God’s will.   In any case, it seems like an easy fix to just reset and start over, doesn’t it?

Having a bad day?  Ctrl/Alt/Delete….
Having a bad week?  Ctrl/Alt/Delete….
Having a bad life?  Ctrl/Alt/Delete…..???

Wouldn’t life be so much easier to deal with if we had a reset button?  I’ve said it before and will say it again, life has an uncanny way of making you feel expendable.  People push and shove to get ahead and it leaves you either on the ground or pushing and shoving back.  Either way, it seems that you are not the same person you started out to be.  A great example is…well, ME….  When I began my Christian walk, I was caring, compassionate, patient, loving…. Yes, I was VERY guarded but when it came to people I loved, I would literally do anything for them.  Then life came in like a flood.  The constant shoving forced me to reciprocate by shoving back and anger took over the love, discontent took over the peace and impatience replaced patience.  When it was all said and done, I found myself lying on the ground completely different from who I set out to be.


Would that work?  Could I just reset my life and start again?  Just totally wipe the slate clean and begin again?  If only….

“Ctrl/Alt/Delete.  Some people just need to be reset.”  Yeah God, I need to be reset… Over and over again, I mess up… I begin to shove back and start transforming from who You want me to be into what I want to be….  Ctrl/Alt/Delete me Lord….


God began to speak to me about these three seemingly simple buttons… It’s amazing how simple our complex God really is!

Ctrl… Control… Can you press the control button when you need a reset to release the control from your hands to His?   Control is such a powerful force.  It seems to be a commodity that we, as human beings, cannot live without anymore.  Everyone wants to be in control, especially when it comes to our lives.  As I pressed the control button this past weekend, I realize that control is really just a mirage.  Control isn’t in your hands but God’s…or even worse, the devil…

Alt…Alternative…   I have found that pressing the control button is a choice, an alternative, you must make every day.   When you give God control, it’s not like magical fairy dust that makes things better but more like permission for Him to take over and work things out for you.  Honestly, by pressing just ctrl and alt on a computer, nothing happens on the outside.   The screen does not go black.  There are no pop-up windows saying “caution.”  Nothing out of the ordinary but on the inside, the computer is saying, “Ok, get ready, we are fixing to reset…. Batten down the hatches, we are getting ready for a system override….”

The change comes in the Delete…. You have made the choice to give God control, now you must make the choice to delete your past.  You see, I like how Alt is in the middle… It’s a bridge from the past to the future.  In order for a reset to be made, one must put the past behind him… delete it…strike it out…erase…expunge…

The only reason these buttons should be pressed on a computer is because the hard drive is frozen up.   There is no activity nor life in the computer.  It’s just stuck….  Do you feel stuck in life?  Do you feel as though there is no activity going in or out and you just feel frozen to the bone.  You aren’t going up neither are you going down.  Have you tried a reset?

Now, if you are unfamiliar with computers, I would advise NOT to use the reset unless you are ready to shut it down…  Why?  Because once these buttons are pressed, there’s no going back.  You can’t press ESC and the computer will come back on like it was never touched.  You can’t press Pause to find that the system reset will suspend.  It doesn’t matter what you do, a reset has been started and will continue until it is finished.   How I’m SO thankful for that!  Sometimes when I’m in the middle of my reset, I get impatient and tired… But I have to remember, there is NOTHING I can do… The system has been overrode and a reset is occurring.keep-calm-and-restart-computer-2

Today I want to encourage you…. Have you started a reset and are growing impatient?  Keep walking it out.  God’s rebooting and renewing you so that you can become who He created you to be.  Just hang on a little bit longer…Your reset is almost through!


  1. Lori says:

    I sat here thinking about this idea of resetting, restarting and deleting in our lives. My first instinct is to say “Heck yeah!” in regards to the trauma my son and grandson experienced in the hands of my brother in law earlier this year. I wish with all my heart we could go back so I could take my brother in law out of the picture and thus they would not have gotten hurt by this much loved uncle. I wish I could go back with my new eye’s of seeing what I didn’t see when all this was going on. But truth be told until I went through this situation I had no clue what I wasn’t seeing. I had no reason to wonder anything because I completely trusted him. We are still in the aftermath of what he did in our home and to our sweet boys. There are some days I can hardly take the heartache and I just want this all to be done. I keep asking God to renew each one of us and to finish the work He began in each of us. I do believe that as hard and hurtful as it is, we are each being taught a lesson in this traumatic event.

    When I think about this with my life initially I would say that I would love to delete all the bad and all the people that abused or hurt me but if that were the case I would delete a lot of my life…most of it actually and a lot of people that I love from it too. The thing is, if I were to delete all of these things I would not have the wisdom I now have and most of all I wouldn’t have the compassion and grace that I have either. The things I have experienced in my life are what has taught me and shaped me and given me an understanding and acceptance of all people that I would other wise very likely judge, look down upon and have nothing to do with. Because of things I endured like the various abuses, being raped, divorce, losing babies, drug addiction, being attacked and now living with pain, raising my grandchildren as my own…ect…I have been given a vision of people and life I wouldn’t have otherwise and I wonder would I really want to lose what I have now because of them and these experiences????

    I do believe that when I met Jesus, my life completely changed. The course I was on was reset, God became in control of my life and my life to an alternative direction than where it was headed which was death and hell. I have been a work in progress ever since then. It is a continuous letting go of control and giving it over to God. It is a daily thing for me to say to God at the end of it, ” I really screwed up at this, I need you to rescue this situation or help this person I hurt. I need a redo for tomorrow but without you I cannot do it.” In the morning I start my day with “Thank you for another chance and for restarting my engine. I cannot walk through this day without you so I need you to lead me.”

    You surely have me thinking and I thank you for that! Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement…they mean the world to me! Blessings to you and yours and may you each have nice refreshing weekend!

    • I do totally agree with everything you are saying. I re-read my post to make sure I worded it correctly. Notice that I never said forget but delete- two different concepts in my opinion. I can write a blog, erase it and it be gone forever but will I forget the lesson God had for me in it? No. I can delete my past but in the deleting, it doesn’t changed lessons learned. I guess my overall point of this blog is saying, sometimes we need a spiritual reset in our lives – a time where we step back, take our hands off the situation and allow God to do what He does best. In doing so, we ‘delete’ our short-comings and let Him have complete control.
      Thanks so much for your comment! Much love girl!

  2. I truly love this concept! wow thanks for writing this post!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Once again I am WOWED by your writing. Thank you for letting God speak thru you and being obedient in sharing his words! Love you!

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