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I’m a big superhero fan.  It might be just because I like to think that there are still people on this planet who has a heart for humanity.  Who will selflessly enter dangerous places for the sake of the helpless.  I like to think there is still hope.  I own almost every superhero movie that has been made and was ecstatic when they released the Avengers – for a geek like me, I was in “hog heaven.”

So ask me, who is my favorite superhero?  Yes, you guessed it, the big green mean fighting machine that is Hulk.  The actors who have played Hulk throughout the years have never been constant so when I saw that Mark Ruffalo was playing him, I was thrilled.  He is one of my favorite actors and with Hulk being my favorite superhero, history was definitely in the making.

So there is a scene towards the end of the movie that I want to shed light on today.  Eminent doom is upon the world and the Avengers are saving the day.  Hulk finally arrives on the scene and another Avenger tells him to “suit up” because the fight is coming to him.  If you know anything about the big green guy, you know that anger is what fuels his power so another Avenger says, “Now’s a good time for you to get angry.”  He replies, “That’s my secret Capt’…. I’m always angry.”  Turns around, transforms into Hulk and does what he does best: HULK SMASH!


(Please keep reading, I’m going somewhere with this.)

During the whole movie, everyone is trying to keep Hulk from getting angry.  They are always concerned about his state of mind because, as previously stated, when Hulk gets angry, Hulk smashes.  It seems as though he teeters between pandemonium and peace and the balances of life keep pushing away from the latter.  But with that one sentence, the perception changes.  What we perceive as instability, he regards as controlled chaos.  This whole time, he was not unpredictable but just carefully calculating his moves.

“That’s my secret Capt’…. I’m always angry.”

You know me, I’m going to stay real with you.  There are times in my life where I could have easily turned into a big green beast and smashed up everything around me.  In fact, there was a time when although I didn’t actually turn green, I definitely hulked out.  The life I had acquired around me kept pushing me towards pandemonium and, in fact, I snapped.  Let’s just say that my peace drowned in a sea of destruction.

But honestly, we all have an anger issue.  Where we differ is what buttons actually manifest the storm roaring deep down.  For some, frustration leads to anger.  For others, it could be pressures of work or the stress of unpaid bills.  If you are like me, my buttons are family.  Hurt my son and see if mama bear doesn’t come in full force.  No matter what the circumstance, the outcome is the same:  ANGER.


When God began to deliver me from… me, He gave me three distinct “categories” that I needed to focus on:  sin, desires and anger.  When I turned my attention towards anger, He began to show me about controlled chaos.   Is controlled chaos even possible?   I think so.  Why else would Paul say “Be angry but sin not” (Eph 4:26).  The chaos comes in being angry but the controlled anger comes in sinning not.  Does God expect us not to be angry?  No but He does expect us to control it and, like Hulk, only let it out when it is beneficial.

So that leads me to another question… Is anger EVER beneficial and if so, when?   I would like to turn your attention to Jesus and His anger in cleansing the temple.  (John 2:12-22)  At that moment, His chaos button was pushed because people were making His house a marketplace.  (Rabbit trail:  They were selling doves.  Be careful of people trying to “sell” you peace through an oily cloth or piece of jewelry… Jesus is the only one who can bring peace.)   Anger is ONLY beneficial when you can keep focus on your target.  Had Hulk not harnessed his anger and focused on the enemy, he would have just been an uncontrollable wrecking ball.

We all have a “Hulk” on the inside trying to bust free and cause destruction in our lives.  At some point in our lives, we all have been to the point of breaking.  If you haven’t been there, just wait because it will happen.   We, as men and women of God, have NO clue just how detrimental we are to the devil.  We do not understand the  authority we have over him.  With just one SMASH, his world crumbles.  But somehow we have lost the focus and just allowed chaos to blindly lead.  When your “Hulk” begins to get angry, focus on the enemy and bring the fight to him.  Harness your chaos by keeping your focus where it belongs.  When anger is NOT beneficial, calm it inside yourself by focusing not on the enemy but on the One who calms the storm. 


The next time the devil is all over you and you cannot seem to flee from his presence, turn around and “Hulk out” on him.  Watch him tuck tail and run!   When your anger gets the best of you, find the controlled chaos within you by looking to the heavens and feeling God’s peace overflow you. 

“A self-confident fool utters all his anger,
but a wise man holds it back and stills it.”
Prov 29:11 (AMP)


  1. Lori says:

    This post really made me really think about what makes me angry. What buttons are pushed that get my blood boiling? I think mine is when I am disrespected or when I am feeling unheard and when I see injustices like abuse going on and like you, when someone hurts one of my little’s or bigs, mother bear comes out.

    Most of my life I have hidden from anger. That of others and my own, which back then I didn’t really own up to having anger. I was taught that anger is bad and was not allowed to show it growing up. But I was allowed to be on the receiving end of it from my father and brother. I grew up hiding from his anger and trying to avoid it. I went into relationship after relationship with angry men that abused me and walked all over me. Because I let them. Because I was to afraid and didn’t fight back. I am sure I was very angry but I was so numb and so conditioned to not feel anger I didn’t recognize it.

    I still struggle with letting myself feel or express my anger but I’ve become much better at recognizing it and will tell my husband when something makes me angry. It helps that I am not afraid of him and have not reason to fear him since he is not abusive and doesn’t even raise his voice at me. I do get angry with my little’s and while I am not a yeller( I detest yelling since I grew up with it)there are times I give into that and then feel horrible about yelling at them. Usually it’s the times I haven’t dealt with a behavior and taken the time to talk to them about something they are doing…and then I get to the point of just yelling and then I feel worse then I did before I yelled.

    With the recent issues with what my brother in law did to my little’s I am finding myself very angry. Just hearing his name makes me feel like exploding. I keep asking God to help me with this anger because I know it is not hurting him but myself. Thank you for this post. Anger is an issue that I am continuously working on and I loved reading your thoughts on it. Bless you Shannon!

    • Wow, yes, I totally understand where you are at. I hate anger because of my upbringing and life in chaos but found that I, too, was controlled by anger although it never really showed. I’m not “emotional” but once I hit the boiling point, the lid explodes, ya know? With my Gabriel, I have had to harness my frustration and not allow it to become anger because I refuse to allow him to be brought up in that kind of craziness. If we can just get the thought process of being angry at the right person – the devil…. I want to be angry at my husband for everything, or my brother or mom but honestly, it has nothing to do with any of them… It’s the devil using them to get to me. I keep praying for “spiritual” eyes to see as God sees. Wrestle not against flesh and blood.

      With your bro-in-law, that’s the best thing you can do… pray for your anger but also pray for him. Praying for him will release your anger. 🙂

      Thanks for your comments, I enjoy reading the insight they bring! 🙂

  2. MedinaMom says:

    I am completely there! I have a not-quite-joke with the kids when I can feel those buttons getting pressed and the internal temperature rising. I tell them that they need to do what they are told before Mommy-Hulk SMASH. It is a key to help them see that the limits they are testing are coming to an end and if they don’t snap out of it and act right, they are liable to lose some very serious privileges. It is also just silly enough that when I hear myself say it out loud, I can laugh at myself a little and recognize the need to step away from the situation.

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