The Battle Within

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There is a war that rages inside of me, Between who I am now and who I am called to be. Yes, I know the scriptures of warfare, most of them by heart But my knowledge doesn’t make this struggle any easier, by far.

From the early morning hours till long after the sun goes down, Even when I lay my head on my pillow and don’t even make a sound, I find myself in this constant, never-ending battle. Sometimes my faith is strong and sometimes it’s just rattled.

I can hear Paul talking in Romans 7 about doing things that he knows not to do. In my life, I find this passage of scripture to be more than true. Not only do I have to fight the outside forces of this earth, But now I find myself battling within my own turf.

Which way is wrong?  Which way is right? Sometimes it’s just easier to give in than to fight. My spirit man says to press on, my flesh tells me to give up. On one hand, I want to fight but on the other, Lord, pass this cup!

There are days when I am strong and unmovable, Then there are days where my spirit is weak and conquerable. Lord I know perfection is not what you require But I’m trying Lord, you know my heart’s desires.

Remember My child what I told you to do. Stand up, stand out and to me, remain true. I called you to fight but have not requested that you win. All you have to do is stand and I will defeat the stronghold of sin.

This battle is not yours but mine declares the Lord. I know the battle within but don’t forget what you are fighting for. Think of every person I will allow your ministry to touch. Now, can you see why you are fighting so much?

I have called you for a purpose, yes I do have a plan. Don’t forget, My ways are much higher than the ways of man. Continue in this fight, stand firm and stand strong. It’s your choice whether you want to do right or whether you want to do wrong.

I have given you everything you need to defeat the enemy. Look inside yourself, can you see what I see? I see a child of God, a warrior by heart. An overcomer, one who is pressing towards the mark.

I know this battle isn’t easy but neither was the cross. You know what I suffered now YOU much count the cost. Is your battle within worth those on the outside? Or are you going to allow them to fall by the wayside?

Remember, everything you go through is to help someone else. And this battle inside yourself is only a test of your strengths versus your weaknesses, which one will win? Which one will overcome and which one will give in?

It’s the classic battle between right and wrong, evil and good. The mistake comes when you don’t rely on Me like you should. So be strong and dig your heels in the sand. Remember that it’s only through me that you can stand.

Continue on this journey and know that in the end it’ll all be worth it. Keep your focus on me and the attacks of the enemy will be thwarted. I love you, My child and I’m there with you in the middle of your mess. Remember, it’s in your mess that I shine the best!


  1. Lori says:

    I so needed this today. Thank you for reminding me that I do not fight this fight alone. That when I am feeling weak like I am right now I am in good hands. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  2. SharingHisPeace says:

    You are most welcome. I wrote that a few years ago when I was really going through carnality. We all fall short but there comes a point where Christ should overcome our carnality.

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