BIG God…little me

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Awe Factor Of God by Francis Chan

Please click on the link above and watch the video.

Are you kind of feeling small now?  Yeah, me too.  When I watched this for the first time, I was like, “Wow… BIG GOD, little me.”  I keep trying to wrap my head around what Mr. Chan describes but honestly, I cannot even fathom just how small the earth is compared to existence as a whole.  My face looks to the heavens and my jaw drops to the floor but hey, we were all created out of accident right?  We were a dice roll in evolution and just happened to come out as humans living on the only known (so far) planet that could fully sustain us.  But I guess the better question is, who rolled the dice?  Again, BIG GOD, little me.

Appropriately titled “The Awe Factor,” this video shows just how big we are in comparison to God.  Honestly, we don’t even come close.  In fact, we aren’t even in the same league as His awesomeness.  We spend SO much time squabbling over things like gun control, abortion rights, presidencies, marriage rights, ecetera but we fail to see a BIG GOD in the middle of our little mess.  (Am I going to waste your time spewing my opinion over such topics?  No but if you are curious, just ask.  I’ll be glad to educate you on my views.)   Maybe the devil is throwing all this stuff our way so we lose focus of just how big God is?

He determines and counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by their names. Ps 147:4 (AMP)

If you watched the video (I recommend watching it a second time), you will see that there are billions upon billions of stars but even at that count, there are trillions more.  In fact, I think it is safe to say that there are more stars in our limited view than there are dollars in our countries debt.  So question, why are we so worried about a dollar bill when our God holds each star in the sky and even calls them by name.  Wow, what a creative God!  I can’t come up with a name for a new pet much less 10 new pets.  What if you had to come up with a trillion names?  Yeah, me neither.  BIG GOD, little me.

Luke 12:7 says that He numbers the hairs on my head.  Oh wait, on your head too.  And your children’s head.   While we are at it think about everyone on  your street, He knows their number as well.  Now multiply that by 7 billion (roughly the amount of people on the planet) and that equals a LOT of hair!   Please keep in mind that counting and numbering is completely different.  When you number something, its because you want to keep track of it.  This BIG God with trillions upon trillions of stars and countless galaxies with countless planets numbered each hair on your head.  That means, when you brushed your hair this morning and one hair came out, God said, “That is hair  number 174,534.”  Why do we get so uptight and in an uproar about the things of this life when a God bigger than anyone could ever comprehend numbers the hairs on our heads?

We can agree that God is a BIG GOD?   But what about little me?

Before I shaped you in the womb,     I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day,     I had holy plans for you Jer 1:5 (MSG)

So this BIG GOD comes down to Jeremiah and basically says, “Quit your crying, I know what you can and cannot do because I formed you in the womb.  I gave you those imperfections for a reason” (my paraphrase).   Let me break it down for you.  This big, massive God knew what you would be doing tomorrow when before He placed star #19,008,456,123 in the heavens.  Let’s bring it down to earth.  He knew what your child will be doing 10 years from now before your grandmother was born.  Yeah, try to wrap your head around that.  You can’t for a reason… He’s GOD and you are not!

This BIG GOD, Commander of the heavens, is concerned with you.  Honestly, we as a human race are nothing more than grains of sand to such a big God yet He chooses to bottle our tears.  Is it so He can fancy the fact that we have been crying?  No, but because He cares THAT much about little ol’ us.   Things that are bottled are cherished, fragile and otherwise uncontainable.  The tears represent our emotions.  We give the excuse that we cannot help our emotions because we cannot contain them but this BIG GOD we serve, contains our emotions and allows us see beyond the bottle of tears.   What we see as minute (tears), He sees as cherishable.  Wow, do we have our focal point mixed up or what?

Feeling too small for your big life problems?  Remember who your Daddy God is!



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