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Following the horrific events that happened in Connecticut, I have been just heartbroken over the loss of such young lives.  I am, for lack of better words, speechless over the events that have unfolded.  I work at a facility that manages the care of children just a year or so younger than those who were killed.  This morning I greeted each of them.  We smiled and waved at each other.   As their young eyes pierced my soul, all I could think about was those babies dying needlessly.   And then my mind wanders to my own child.  He is just 16 months old.  It will be a little while before he enters the school system and if things are this bad now, what will they be like in 3 years?

It seems like just seconds after the tragedy, people began pointing fingers at each other.  “It’s your fault”…  We, as a society, blame everyone else on our problems.  We have debt, well it’s China’s fault.  Crime is up.  It’s the drug cartel’s fault.   Impoverished families are at an all time high and according to most, it’s their own fault.   Why are we so quick to point fingers when we need to begin to focus on the real problem… A heart problem.

I believe that America has had arrhythmias quite a long time.   For those of you who do not know, a heart arrhythmia is an abnormal beat of the heart and causes dizziness, syncope (passing out), shortness of breath and chest discomfort.   I believe our country has had those symptoms in the past… all of which lead up to where we are today.  It seems that we are confused about where our values lie and in our confusion become dizzy.  The dizziness causes our vision to become blurry and we often have syncopal episodes to the issues at hand.  To put it more plainly, we “pass out” and turn a deaf ear to what matters the most in this world.  And the result of inward symptoms are shortness of breath and chest discomfort.  I think about those moms and dads who had to wake up on Saturday without their little girl or little boy.  I try to put myself in their shoes and know without a doubt that the muscle beating within their chest aches beyond belief.  Some of them are most definately having difficulty breathing in the life that their little ones never will.

So where does this leave America…  Playing the blame game.  We blame mental health.  We blame gun control laws.  We blame gun safety.  We blame parents.  We blame politicians.  We blame both the dead and the living.  We even blame God…  But do we blame our heart?

I have heard about preachers saying that this is the judgement of God coming down upon us.  That this tragedy is  somehow God’s vengance upon a sinful world.  I have to disagree as I believe that America is just flatlining – crumbling from within.  Any structure that has a crack in the foundation is doomed for disaster.  Through the pressures and weather of life, that crack gets bigger and bigger until the foundation becomes non-existent.  America’s foundation is being chipped away every second that we ignore God’s truth and one day, there will be no foundation left…  It scares me to think about the extreme state America will be left in after that happens.

So you say, “Shannon, I thought this was supposed to give a little light in a dark world…”   Yes, it is.

The good thing about a flatline is the quickened reaction of the educated few.  Emotions of hopelessness and hope coincide as adrenaline begins to pump through the veins of those in the room.   As a code is called over the intercom, both physicians and nurses work together for one common goal….a heart beat.  They take their training to a new height as nothing else at the moment matters but that one life, on their table and they will stop at nothing to bring life into a lifeless body.   As the “all-clear” statement sounds, what follows is nothing short of amazing.  If there is any life left, it responds.

Now I must parallel that with our world.  We ARE the educated few because we know the truth.  We know what is right and wrong because we know what His Word says.  He trained us to give hope and to be the light that this world so desperately needs.  America is flatlining.  We have the tools that are needed to bring life into what we consider to be a hopeless situation. It is time for us to come together with one goal, revive this great land.   Nothing else should matter….  And how do we do that?  Repair the broken foundation.

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