Dying To Live

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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God, I surrender all of me to Your will.   My mind, soul, spirit and body is Yours Lord.  It has become apparent that my flesh must die before You can truly be Lord of my life so I lay down my wants, my needs, my desires and say YES to Your will.

Reach down into the recesses of my mind and pull out that which is not like You.  Yeah, that vile thought, I give it to You.  My attitude towards that person?  Yes, it’s now Yours.  My plans of the future? Yours as well.   Even those things which I don’t really want to give You… Take it Lord.  Hurry before I change my mind for I must die before I can truly live!

Kill that which is unlike You in my life Lord.  Destroy the works of the devil.  Cut the ties that are unhealthy for me.  Demolish the enemy’s strongholds in my life for I desire life and not death!  That sin I love… obliterate, overthrow and overturn it in my life.  Keep me Lord while I am behind enemy lines for I must die before I can truly live!

Change my heart Lord.  Wait, don’t change it… Transform it.  Make it unrecognizable so that no one can get the glory but You.  Sync my heart to Your heavenly beat.  Allow my blood to flow with Yours with such precision that they are impossible to separate.  In essence Lord, take me out so that You may enter in for I must die before I can truly live!

I want…  I want…  I want…  Yes, I want much but steal my wants from me.  Take them while I am destracted by Your desires for I fear I cannot give them to You otherwise.   I give You permission to rob my life of the things I crave.  Come as a thief in the night and abduct my ambitions, aspirations and yearnings.   I give myself away…to Your will…to Your way for I must die before I can truly live!

As a living sacrifice I lay down upon Your altar of death so that I might live the life You have for me.  Be quick Lord as living sacrifices still try to crawl off the wooden grave.   Chip away my sin, my will, my wants.   Pierce my heart with Your cleansing fire for You marked me before I was formed in my mother’s womb to be different – to be about Your business.

You have spoken to me about mercy and grace.  You have clothed me in your righteousness and set my foot on the solid rock.  But Lord, you require more than just robed garmets.  You require bloodshed.  You require sacrifice.  Mercy and grace come only at the hand of blood.  So I lay me down for I must die before I can truly live!

I raise my white flag… I surrender ALL to You!


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