A Baby Changes Everything

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

It seems like everywhere I go I am hearing about the story of Jesus’ birth, Mary, Joseph and the angel saying “Fear Not.”   I have heard mighty men of God preach on Mary’s drive and determination against all odds.  I’ve even taught the pre-school kids about how Mary was going to give birth to God’s Son.   Last night, I listened to a beautiful Christmas musical on “Fear Not.”    I realize that this is the season for such stories but I have noticed that one particular part has penetrated my heart in a very different way this year.  Since I don’t really believe in coincidences, I have to ask the Lord what He’s trying to tell me.  And then I heard it through a song… “A baby changes everything.”

How true is that?  Not even focusing on the greatest game changer of the world, a baby does change everything.  I have to look back at when I first found out that I was pregnant.  A vast mixture of emotions flooded my heart and my mind as I was filled with a scary excitement of bringing a little one into this world.  I started seeing farther than tomorrow and began to look at the future as a whole.  I thought of our living situation and how that would pan out.   I mostly began praying that God would help me teach him about the mysteries of the world.  A baby changes everything.  I began to eat better and take vitamins – not for my sake, but for his.  I sought the advice of others on how to be who I needed to be for his sake.  I was focused on the miracle inside me.

Does a baby change everything?  In the grand scheme of things, no.  The world does not stop for life or death although sometimes we think it should.   A baby changes your world, your vision, your activities.   Your world is flipped upside down and inside out because now you are living for something greater than yourself.   A baby changed Mary’s world.  In fact, he uprooted Mary and put her in a place of solitude and secrecy.  He made chaos of the peace that surrounded her life.  Sometimes God has to shake things up to set things in order in our lives.   A baby changes everything.

Mary’s life became troublesome after the angel visited her.   A virgin who was pregnant.  Who would believe that mess?   Yep, no one.  Trouble followed Mary as they became outlaws and ran from town to town.  Trouble followed Mary all the days of her life because of the promise she birthed.    She endured the trouble to become triumphant.  God knew Mary’s drive and determination.  He knew that she would outlast the trouble in her life.  I couldn’t imagine seeing my son die peacefully much less in torment.  I don’t know that I could survive that but Mary did.  I believe it was because she knew the baby growing in her tummy was more than flesh and bone but a promise.  She could feel His peace and love even in the womb.  I believe that as He grew inside her, He left deposits of peace, love and strength in her very being that would prepare her for His death.  A baby changes everything.

Are you feeling a little chaotic in this season?  Are things in your life not peaceful anymore even though you have been hanging on a word from the Lord?  Just remember the promise He gave you is being molded inside you.  Be like Mary and set your face like a stone to do the will of God, no matter what trouble is around you.  Fear not, a baby changes everything!


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