Working Man’s Hands

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
Dec 6, 2012

My daddy while he lived on this earth was, for lack of better words, a carpenter.   He could take a piece of wood and turn it into a masterpiece.  It was truly amazing.   He mostly fixed wood furniture.  Family heirlooms that had been damaged by flood or fire, he would restore them and make them brand new.   He was what you would call an expert.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how Jesus, too, was a carpenter.   He grew up around wood all of his life as His daddy was in the same field and knew the ins and outs of carpentry.  He most definately felt the splinters in His hands on more than one occasion and even smashed his fingers between the wood.  He most undoubtedly knew wood like He knew the back of His hand.  I choose to believe that He, too, restored broken furniture into masterpieces.  Why not?  He was an expert!

So here’s my question… at what point did He realize that the very wood he was carving would lead to His demise?   I have to wonder about how He handled taking a log and beginning to fashion a table leg out it.  Did He think, “This is the type of wood that I will hang from?”  Most likely Roman soldiers came to His shop on more than one occasion to get logs for a cross to hang a criminal with.  I wonder what He thought then.  Did it sicken Him at the thought of the cross?

Jesus was ALL God yet He was also ALL man.  In His “God-ness” I believe He knew very early what His role on the earth was but in His “human-ness”, I believe He also cringed at that same role.  Jesus was in his 30′s when He actually started His ministry that the Bible speaks about.  For over two decades, He worked with the wood that would ultimately kill Him.

Are you stressed out, disgusted and burnt out from your job?  Do you feel like it’s going to end you one day?  Keep pushing.  I believe that Jesus was able to deal with His job because He knew the end result.  He did not focus on the pain of the wood but on the future of the world.   The cross was created to catapult Him into His calling.   Think about that the next time you start complaining about your job.


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